4-wheel cradle

The 4-Wheel Cradle is the third kart for Toad in Mario Kart DS, the Mushmellow and the Standard TD being the others.


The 4-Wheel Cradle has four wheels, two on each side of it. Not three, rather four. They are black with yellow and red rims, and are large compared to the kart itself. The seat and hood of the 4-Wheel Cradle are blue, and icon of the racer can be seen on the front. The engine happens to be behind the seat, and it is very detailed and chrome plated. The stacks are yellow and are slanted inward. All around the kart is white safety railing connected to the axels of the wheels. (The railing does not protect against Green Shells, Red Shells, Bananas, Bob-ombs or any other Item. You would think it would!) There is also a little safety bar in front of the hood. Just so the driver doesn't have to worry about head on collisions or anything. Toad had a beta kart resembling this vehicle, but had no white pipes connecting. This kart is open only to Toad first, then is available to seven racers, and then open to all racers.

The whole kart looks like a baby's cradle, as the name says, with four wheels.


Toad's 4-Wheel Cradle has good acceleration and above-average weight, handling, and drift. It is Toad's large kart in this game; thus, it has a perfect items stat. However, it suffers from one of the lowest top speeds in the game.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 3.3
Acceleration 8.5
Weight 6.0
Handling 6.1
Drift 6.5
Items 10.0
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