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Anti-gravity used at Twisted Mansion.

Anti-gravity is the main feature in Mario Kart 8.


Mario Kart 8 / Deluxe

The anti-gravity mechanic makes its debut in Mario Kart 8. It allows players to travel on vertical surfaces and even upside-down. When players pass blue panels on the track, the feature is enabled. The player's wheels turn sideways and the vehicle will levitate, allowing them to use the feature. Players can also bump into each other to gain a speed boost. The feature is used heavily, in almost every course in the game. The wheels also turn orange when the drift sparks turn orange.

Sometimes, you will be driving on two wheels while Drifting. This only works on ATVs and Karts with four wheels that are apart from each other (an example is the Mach 8).

Mario Kart DS

Anti-gravity was actually first featured in Mario Kart DS on the Rainbow Road track. The precursors of the blue sensors are small gold bars. There is a quick loop and then a spin section. Unlike Mario Kart 8, the wheels don't turn sideways, and hitting an Item that knocks you over on the upside-down sections will cause the driver to fall off.