A Basin is an item found in all 3 Mario Kart Arcade GP games. This metallic pan comes in handy by locking onto and bashing opponents on the head, leaving them idle for a while.

Damage dealt by the Basin (also known as a Tub) is more superior to a Red Shell or a Banana, so they are naturally harder to come by.



Categorized as a Throw forward Item, the Basin can be chucked without much aiming; like Red Shells, they home in on racers up the road. After hovering over their heads for a bit, the Basin slams down on the driver, inflicting damage. But instead of just fading away from existence like Koopa shell remains or Banana peels, the bowl remains on the drivers head, disabling any movement. A relatable item to compare it to would be Thwomps, as they also crush their opponents into the road. After a while, when everybody has passed the victim, the Basin will finally go away and disappear. How or where, nobody knows. That's how the Mario universe works.


Unfortunately, a Basin can't be deployed backwards like a lot of shooting Items can. Consequently, there's really no way to defend against incoming enemy Items.


Because they come from above, holding an Item from behind will not be sufficient in protection. Items that grant invincibility, such as a Super Star might be your only hope in evading the Basin. Really, just avoid getting in situations involving them and you'll be A-O.K.


  • Like Green Shells, there is also a x3 variant of this item: the Triple Basin, a Prize Item.
  • Another, more delectable and valuable variant would be the Gold Basin. Good luck getting THAT one, though.
  • Much like a banana is common gag that people (and karts) slip on, a basin banging someone in the head is a long-running joke in Japan. Admittedly, it is pretty funny.
  • The Basin also appears as a thing sticker/card in Paper Mario Sticker Star and Paper Mario Color Splash.