Battle Stadium is a battle course that appeared in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, along with three other stages. The map's theme is solely Mario Kart, and specifically the Battle Mode. Multiple ramps and straightaways line this course, making it an excellent site to destroy opponents.


Battle Stadium (Center)

The center of the arena, with rotation.

A huge crowd cheering in the background surrounds this stage, much like previous stadiums in Mario Kart. The arena seems to be hyped for the upcoming battle (even though there's a Mario Kart battle just about always). In the distance, tall skyscrapers can be seen, but it's not certain what city it's in exactly.

The map itself is ovular in shape, and three roads extend through the center of the long section. Ramps line the straight ways, allowing for Jump Boosts. In the center of the track, all three paths meet, and an Anti-gravity section can be found in the center (enclosed by a red and gray cage). Not much else is known about this Stadium, because nobody has raced on it yet. But get ready for it.


Battle Stadium (Mario)

Mario leading a squad of battlers on Battle Stadium.

  • The arena is similar in design and atmosphere to Mario Kart Stadium, the first course in Mario Kart 8.
  • Battle Stadium, along with the other three new courses, were added to Deluxe because of the dissatisfaction of fans that there were no courses, only Tracks, in the previous installment.
  • This is the first battle stage to include Anti-gravity.