Bob-omb car

Bob-omb Car in Moonview Highway

The Bob-omb Car is a car traveling the streets of Mushroom City and Mushroom Bridge in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, and of Moonview Highway in Mario Kart Wii. They also appear in the first Mario Kart Wii Competitions of September 2008 and in the first competition of May 2009.

The Bob-omb cars resemble large Bob-ombs with wheels instead of feet. If they are hit, they will act like a typical Bob-omb and make a huge explosion. They can be used as more effective, makeshift weapons, like using a green shell to make a bigger impact on those in the immediate area. Along with the Mushroom Cars, the Bob-omb Car strangely didn't return in the DS version of Mushroom Bridge. 

Wiki 1

(Mario Kart 64) When you lose a cup at the awards ceremony after you retire, it appears bob-omb car and explodes!

The Bob-omb Car's actual first appearance was Mario Kart 64, where they are placed at various points on every track. Anyone who runs into one will be damaged. The Bob-omb Car also appears in Battle Mode, where each player out of the game will be turned into a Bob-omb Car and try to destroy players.

Also, when you lose a cup in 4th place or less, after giving them your respective prize, a bob-omb car comes and explodes in front of you.

The Bob-omb Car returns in Mario Kart: Super Circuit, with the same function as the previous game.


  • Bob-omb Cars are completely absent from Time Trial for unknown reasons.