Booster Seat


Baby Mario in his Booster Seat

Size Class: Small
Advantages: Acceleration, Handling, Off-road, Mini-Turbo
Disadvantages: Speed, Weight, Drift
Appearance(s): Mario Kart Wii

The Booster Seat (also known as the Baby Booster in PAL regions) is a small kart that appears in Mario Kart Wii.  It is a small-size kart available from the start. This kart resembles a baby-stroller with boosters, and has a roof that splits open whenever doing a trick or using equipable-items. It is similar and the successor to the Goo-Goo Buggy and the Rattle Buggy.


The Booster Seat is one of the slowest karts in the game, and its weight is equal to its speed, meaning this kart can be easily pushed around by heavier-vehicles. However, its acceleration is quite high, making it reach its top speed quickly. It is one of the best karts with high handling, and can easily keep up its traction on the road. Its drifting ability is low though, but its off-road & mini-turbo stats are one of its greatest advantages.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 27
Weight 27
Acceleration 56
Handling 64
Drift 37
Off-Road 54
Mini-Turbo 59

Color Schemes

Baby Mario: Blue roof & rims, red stripe & wheels, white body & outline

Baby Luigi: White body & roof, yellow rims, green stripe & wheels, grey outline

Baby Peach: Pink body, roof, & rims, white stripe & wheels, yellow outline

Baby Daisy: Yellow body, orange roof & wheels, white stripe, green outline & rims

Toad: Blue body & outline, yellow roof & wheels, red stripe & rims

Toadette: Magenta body, stripe, & rims, white roof, pink outline & wheels

Koopa Troopa: Green body, roof, & rims, white stripe, turquoise outline & wheels

Dry Bones: Black body, roof, & wheels, red stripe, grey outline & wheels



  • When Dry Bones or Koopa Troopa is in the Booster Seat, the rims have a shell-like design, while others have a simple clear-design.
  • The Booster Seat's handling stat matches the speed stat of the Sprinter.
  • The Booster Seat is one of the five vehicles to go through a design-change rather than a palette-swap. Therefore, Baby Mario & Baby Luigi's Booster Seats do not feature fringes on their roofs.
  • The top opens up when a Trick is preformed.