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Bowser Castle 2 is the final track in the Flower Cup. It is longer and more dangerous than its predecessor with numerous gaps over lava, especially midway through the course. Some of these have fireballs that are shot up in the air. If it hits a kart, the driver either spin out or fall straight into the lava. The gaps on the steel wire near the end are particularly dangerous since most of them require a mushroom to hop. Dash panels are located near the sides of a few areas. Other than that, Thwomps and 90 degree turns round out across the deadly course.

Mario Kart DS

A screenshot from Mario Kart DS.

It returns in Mario Kart DS as the third track of the Banana Cup, adding spikes to the Thwomps, increasing the railings' height and modifying the jumps' difficulty. Only the latter affects gameplay, as some shortcuts no longer work. Missions 4-5 and 5-4 take place here. Both missions use Bowser. 4-5 features him having to collect 15 coins without getting squished by a Thwomp (They have added a lot of them along a straightway). 5-4 has him driving through 10 gates in order. The retro course's staff ghost uses Bowser in the Standard BW and Dry Bones in the Banisher.

Mario Kart Tour

Bowser Castle 2 returns in Mario Kart Tour as part of the Hammer Bros. Tour, first appearing as the first course of the Bowser Cup. One of the first 3 jumps has been removed and the other mini-jumps have been rearranged. Additionally, it uses the background from the preceding Bowser Castle. It is labeled as GBA Bowser's Castle 2.

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