Bowser Castle 4 is the penultimate track in the game, appearing before Rainbow Road. It is the third course in the Special Cup. It appears similar to Bowser Castle 1. At the beginning of the course there are unbarricaded squares of lava that act as danger zones, so unless a Jump is not properly timed, the racer will fall in, and even if a jump is successful, Podboos leap out of the lava at intervals and can smoke the racer, forcing them to brake to avoid a spinout and subsequent coin loss. Throughout the course, there are also Thwomps, but unlike the other tracks, these Thwomps are mobile and move around the track before smashing down onto the road. Near the end of the racetrack, there are three Mecha-Koopas, which are just silly wind-up Koopa toys. but nonetheless will send racers spinning out if they collide without braking. This track is also the longest and most angular of the courses in Super Circuit. Because the length of Bowser Castle 4 is so excessive, Time Trials and 5-lap races can often extend beyond the time threshold of that the Ghost Data memory is capable of recording.


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