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Broken Pier is a track in Mario Kart: Super Circuit and is the second track in the Special Cup. It is the sequel to Boo Lake. Its background looks like mountains with spooky glowing faces on them that shows a hollow center. Ghost Valley 3 from Super Mario Kart uses its background and is very similar.


Broken Pier is one of the most winding and rickety courses in Super Circuit. Like Boo Lake, the sections of yellow tile bordering the track will break away if struck by karts or Koopa shells, and there are sections where nothing protects the driver from going over the edge. Some sand in certain areas slows down karts, and there are random sections of track that have fallen down, making it hard to cross, you know. Some sections of the course are especially dilapidated and contain pits where the wooden track has crumbled. Broken Pier also contains two precarious bridges. The other bridge has a section of railroad tracks neighboring to side. Racers can use these to cut past the curved section of Broken Pier, but be wary that this requires precise driving because a minor slip-up on such a narrow place will send a driver into the pit below.

Boos loom above certain sections of the track. However, unlike the ones on Boo Lake, which merely giggle as you pass underneath them, these ghosts are mischievous and will immediately start harassing drivers who upset them by getting too close for comfort just to scare them silly. The course is littered with dozens of these ghosts who are constantly turning their heads back and forth, looking out for unsuspecting racers to torment. Stray away from the Boos and you will not incur a haunting, since they have the same pestering effect as the Boo Item (they make you slow down and lose coins at the same time), but you can end up stacking a horde of Boos over your kart by continually passing close enough to get snared, which will slow down your kart as your driver reels at the sight of several scary Boos. However, you can lure opponents into the Boos to put them at a disadvantage, or simply use a Star for invincibility and then smack the ghosts right off the road with no problems whatsoever.


  • Daring racers can choose to bypass the two bridges through use of a shortcut near each bridge. One shortcut can be accessed by using a Mushroom to bounce off a jump pad and land on a very small and isolated platform completely cut off from the main track, which contains a boost pad that will launch the racer back onto the main road, if they correctly execute the shortcut without plummeting off course, forcing Lakitu to fish them back onto the track.


  • This track is most-hated track in the series.
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