The Bruiser (ワルビデール) is an unlockable kart body found in Mario Kart 7. It resembles a 1930's vintage roadster. This intimidating, spiky vehicle barrels through the race tracks with impressive Weight, but suffers from poor Acceleration.

Obtaining the Bruiser can be difficult, because unlockable vehicles are selected at random in Mario Kart 7.



How to Unlock

  • Collect as many Coins as you can and hope you get lucky.


Like many Heavy vehicles, the Bruiser is a good selection for long straightaways thanks to its Speed. It's weight also useful for smacking around enemy karts, hence the name "Bruiser." Obviously though, there are some negative aspects, such as teerible Handling and a slow Acceleration speed.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed +0.5
Acceleration -0.25
Weight +0.25
Handling -0.5
Off-Road 0


  • In Europe and Australia, the Bruiser is known as the Growlster.
  • A trophy of Wario in the Bruiser can be obtained in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.


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