The Cact-X (サンドランナー) is a kart body available in Mario Kart 7 for all racers. By looking at the design of the vehicle, you can probably guess what the name is derived from.

The stats of the Cat-X lean towards the Medium weight-class of pre Mario Kart 7 titles, with no truly large advantages.


Taking inspiration from a Saguaro cactus, the Cact-X has a primarily green striped body. Two "cactus arms" extend from the back and point backwards, and a yellow engine can be seen on the top end of the kart. A red flower design on the back acts as the booster, and yellow aerodynamic fins sprout from the sides. Headlights and a long yellow spike extend from the front, and the black seat and steering wheel are protected by a small, blue windshield. Small yellow thorns dot the Cact-X, giving anyone who bumps into it a spiny surprise.


Speed and Acceleration aren't the strong spots of the Cact-X, but they aren't really the weak points, either. Overall, the kart is well balanced and is a decent choice for beginners.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed -0.25
Acceleration -0.25
Weight 0
Handling +0.25
Off-Road +0.25



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