Cataquacks come in blue, red, green, and purple varieties.

A Cataquack is a round, duck-like creature that debuted in Super Mario Sunshine. In Sunshine, blue and red-colored Cataquacks appeared on Gelato Beach. When approached, they would chase Mario and launch him high into the air if he made contact. Blue Cataquacks were friendly while red ones caused damage no matter what. Both kinds could be defeated by Yoshi or by setting off a Dune Bud below them, while red ones could be flipped over and Ground Pounded on.

In Mario Kart

Cataquacks are found on the course Peach Beach in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, with green and purple being additional colors. If they are touched by a racer, the racer will be thrown into the air. The racer will also lose their item and it will lie on the ground. Cataquacks can be flipped onto their backs if they are hit by an item. In this game, they are also known as Pihanas. In Mario Kart Wii, Catatquacks don't chase racers that are playing online or performing Time Trials, making them easier to avoid.

In other games

Blue Cataquacks reappear in Super Mario Galaxy's Gold Leaf and Beach Bowl galaxies, and can only be defeated when submerged in water (although they respawn). Cataquacks have never appeared in recent games, because of their size.

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