Chain Chomp Wheel (Chain Chomp Roulette in Europe) is a Battle Stage in Mario Kart Wii. It is shaped like a roulette wheel. All the racers begin at the top of the stage and fall straight back down it. A Chain Chomp rolls down the middle as an obstacle (hence the name) and takes away a balloon or three coins (and all items) if a player gets crushed by it. It seems to be inside an aquarium, as Unagis swim outside and there are Mushroom-shaped plants. There is a giant star containing a few Item Boxes in the middle. There is also a jump in the center with Item Boxes that usually contain Stars. The red area spins counterclockwise. This battle stage hasn't appeared in a recent Mario Kart game yet.


  • Despite the name of the stage, the chomp in this level does not have a chain.
  • The design of the stage suggests it is similar to Big Donut. The differences are it does not have lava in the middle, half-pipes are on the edge, and the red area spins.
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