Choco Island 2 is the second track of the Star Cup in Super Mario Kart.

Like Choco Island 1, this one has Piranha Plants as hazards. With a large pool of mud and a lot of mud pads which create artificial jumps, it's hard to keep a good traction. As with most tracks in Super Mario Kart, there is a gap in the first barrier visible and can be cut through with a Mushroom as a shortcut.

This track is the first of the hard tracks of the original game, in the way that it's the first one in which it is very possible to fail to qualify and therefore, lose a life.

This track returns in Mario Kart: Super Circuit with the Piranha Plants removed and in Mario Kart DS, as well. The Staff Ghost for this retro course uses Waluigi in the Zipper.

Again, this course reappears in Mario Kart DS as a Retro Track, with the graphics improved and the Piranha Plants re-added.
MarioKartDS SNESChocoIsland2

A screenshot from Mario Kart DS

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