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Choco Mountain is the 3rd track in the Flower Cup in Mario Kart 64 and the second track of the Leaf Cup in Mario Kart DS. It also returns to Mario Kart Tour as the spotlight track of the Exploration Tour.

The staff ghost setup is Wario in the Dragonfly.


Mario Kart 64

It is brown, and as the name suggests, it is probably chocolate. It features a chocolate tunnel shaped like a pyramid, and at one point, big chocolate boulders crash down onto the track. If a player is hit by these boulders, it'll knock them off the track or flatten them. A lake is shown near the boulders as well. Shortly before the finish line, there's a point where the players can fall to a lower section of the track, losing about 20 seconds. In 50cc mode as well as Time Trials, there are railings along the cliff which prevent you from falling. Meanwhile, in 100cc and 150cc, there is no railing, which makes it possible to fall or knock someone down.

Mario Kart DS

This track returns in Mario Kart DS in the Leaf Cup. The track is still pretty much the same from the N64 version, except, if a player/computer gets hit by a boulder here, he/she will be flattened, thus slowing them down. In Mission 4-6, Donkey Kong has to destroy 10 Item Boxes while avoiding the Fake Item Boxes. The Staff Ghost uses Wario in the Dragonfly.

Mario Kart Tour

After fifteen years, this track returns to Mario Kart Tour as the spotlight track of the Exploration Tour. A lot has changed from its past versions. One of the major walls at the beginning was completely removed, and mountains can be seen from afar. The mini tunnel is now a full cave with diamonds and swoops added in. There is now a glider section after it, just before getting to the U turn with the falling rocks. The banisters have also been re-added.

Unlike most tracks, Choco Mountain doesn't roughly remain the same shape as it was before, as one can note from the map.


  • This is the only Mario Kart 64 track in the Mario Kart DS kiosk demo that doesn't have a minimap programmed.
  • The orignial track is known to be a really broken and infamous due to how much shortcuts there are, including a shortcut that completes a lap under 10 seconds by jumping over the finish line. It is called the Weathertenko by fans, named after the player who first did it.
  • The music for this track is not only shared by the battle tracks Block Fort and Double Deck, but it also kind of sounds like the race music from Super Mario Odyssey.


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