The City Tripper is a downloadable bike in Mario Kart 8.

It resembles the Sugarscoot from Mario Kart Wii. The character's emblem is found on the front left of the scooter, as well as on a small zipper on the rear of the vehicle.

It offers good acceleration and handling, but bad weight and traction. It shares its stats with Pipe Frame, W 25 Silver Arrow, Standard Bike, Varmint, Flame Rider, and Wild Wiggler.


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 0
Acceleration +0.25
Weight -0.25
Handling +0.5
Traction -0.5

Color Schemes

Red MK8 ShyGuy Icon YoshiRed-MK8 MK8 DKong Icon MK8 Tanooki Mario Icon VillagerMale-Icon-MK8
Orange MK8 Daisy Icon YoshiOrange-MK8 ShyGuyOrange-MK8 MK8 BabyDaisy Icon
Yellow YoshiYellow-MK8 ShyGuyYellow-MK8 MK8 Wario Icon MK8 Lemmy Icon
Light Green MK8 Yoshi Icon MK8 Lakitu Icon MK8 Isabelle Icon
Green MK8 Luigi Icon MK8 Koopa Icon ShyGuyGreen-MK8 MK8 BabyLuigi Icon MK8 Iggy Icon
Light Blue MK8 Rosalina Icon YoshiLightBlue-MK8 ShyGuyLightBlue-MK8 MK8 BabyRosalina Icon MK8 Larry Icon MK8DX Dry Bones Icon
Blue YoshiBlue-MK8 MK8 Toad Icon ShyGuyBlue-MK8 MK8 Waluigi Icon MK8 Ludwig Icon MK8 Link Icon
Pink MK8 Peach Icon YoshiPink-MK8 ShyGuyPink-MK8 MK8 Toadette Icon MK8 BabyPeach Icon VillagerFemale-Icon-MK8
Purple MK8 Roy Icon MK8 Wendy Icon
Black MK8 MMario Icon YoshiBlack-MK8 ShyGuyBlack-MK8 MK8 Bowser Icon MK8 Morton Icon MK8 Dry Bowser Icon Bowser Jr. MK8Deluxe MK8DX King Boo Icon
White MK8 Mario Icon YoshiWhite-MK8 ShyGuyWhite-MK8 MK8 BabyMario Icon
Brown MK8 PGPeach Icon MK8 Cat Peach Icon

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