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Starman (Mario Kart Wii).png This article is not to be confused with the DS track, DK Pass. Starman (Mario Kart Wii).png

DK Summit, (also known as DK's Snowboard Cross in Europe), is the third track in the Flower Cup in Mario Kart Wii. It is snow themed and even has some snow which slows racers down. The track starts in front of a grandstand full of spectators. Leaving the base, you turn right and enter a cannon that shoots you to the top of the mountain, depositing you just above the top of a chairlift. Immediately from the top, you make a left-hand turnaround that is also a long halfpipe. At a giant statue of Mario (or a Mii if you are playing as your Mii in Mario Kart Wii), the track jogs left and goes through a field of moguls. Exiting the mogul section, the track goes through two s-turns and ends in another halfpipe populated with snowboarding Shy Guys that will spin you out if you touch them. This course latest appearance is in Mario Kart Tour.


At the end of the speed bumps and ramps which you can hop over for you to cut a few seconds and put you ahead.

There is one shortcut that can quickly cut through the S-shaped curve before the half-pipes. However, this is really hard to do and it might take lots of practices to master it. This shortcut should be really common-seen if you play in worldwide with good players. This shortcuts trick is only available for Mario Kart Wii.

Staff Ghosts

Name Character Vehicle Time
Regular Nin★mokke Donkey Kong Standard Bike L 2:34.693
Expert Nin★KOZ★ Flame Flyer 2:17.546


  • This is the only Flower Cup track in Mario Kart Wii that doesn't have a discovered ultra shortcut.
  • This is the only course in Mario Kart Wii where it is given a British English name.
  • Underneath the S-shaped curve, there are three item boxes in a straight line. The purpose of these is unknown.
  • In Mario Kart Tour, giant Statue of Mario is changed into Donkey Kong.
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