Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland. She is good friends with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and the rest of the "good guys". Daisy has an apparent love interest in Luigi as shown in Daisy Circuit's fountains depicting the two. She serves as the second female in the Mario series.


Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland. Her dress is light yellow, ending in two outlines of orange lace. Her hips are covered by an orange skirt, and the shoulder area of her dress is quite poofy and ends in white trim. She also wears white gloves. Her jewellery includes a turquoise gem on her chest in the shape of a daisy, turquoise earrings that are also in the shape of flowers, and a golden crown with a turquoise gem that looks like a daisy in the middle of her crown. Her hair is long and curls back a little and is a nice shade of reddish brown. She has blue eyes and long eyelashes, and always has a sassy smile on her face, coinciding with her often rude taunts when she passes you in a race. In Mario Kart Wii, Daisy, along with Princess Peach and Rosalina change into a special biker outfit when they are riding bikes. Of course, Daisy's suit will lean to the orange side, since that is the color of her dress. In her biker get-up, she has orange boots with a white top and white heels. Her suit is mainly white, with orange stripes going down her legs and arms. She dresses in orange racing gloves, and she still maintains all her jewellery and her hair style.


Console games

Game Availability
Super Mario Kart X mark
Mario Kart 64 X mark
Mario Kart: Super Circuit X mark
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Check mark
Mario Kart DS Unlockable
Mario Kart Wii BlueCheck
Mario Kart 7 Unlockable
Mario Kart 8 (including Deluxe) Check mark

Symbol Meaning
Check mark Available
Unlockable Unlockable
X mark Unavailable


Daisy is unavailable in the Mario Kart Arcade GP series. Until Mario Kart arcade GPDX when she first became playable in a Mario Kart arcade game.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

This is Daisy's debut in the Mario Kart series, where she is a middleweight character. By default, she partners with Princess Peach, both using hearts as a special item and riding Peach's kart, the Heart Coach. Daisy's kart, the Bloom Coach, is unlockable. In Double Dash!! art, Daisy is usually shown using items instead of driving. The game also features the Daisy Cruiser course, complimenting Peach Beach. Daisy Cruiser is also available in Mario Kart 7.

Mario Kart DS

Daisy makes her handheld debut. Unlike Mario Kart Double Dash!!, she is an unlockable character obtained by completing 50cc Lightning Cup, and this is her sole appearance as a lightweight character. Her karts in Mario Kart DS usually have low-medium speed (which is high for a lightweight character), very high acceleration, very low drift, and medium handling. Her karts are the Flower Power, the Light Dancer, and of course the Standard Kart Daisy. She lacks a home course in this game, though the closest she has to one is GBA Sky Garden.

Mario Kart Wii

Like Double Dash!!, Daisy returns as a middleweight, with her lightweight equivalent now being the new Baby Daisy. Both are unlockable: Baby Daisy requires at least a 1-Star Rank on all 50cc Wii Cups or by playing 1,950 races, while Daisy requires gold in the 150cc Special Cup or by playing 2,850 races. Like all characters, Daisy has a stat increase. Daisy gets a new home course in Mario Kart Wii known as Daisy Circuit in Star Cup. Staff ghosts as Daisy include Coconut Mall (Sugarscoot for Normal and Wild Wing for Expert) and Daisy Circuit (Daytripper for Normal and Mach Bike for Expert).

Mario Kart 7

Daisy is now a lightweight character, and she can be unlocked with a gold in the 150cc Mushroom Cup. This cup includes her new home course, Daisy Hills. Additionally, the Daisy Cruiser course from Double Dash!! is now a retro course in the Leaf Cup, bringing a few new changes.

Mario Kart 8 (including Deluxe)

Daisy's latest appearance is Mario Kart 8. This time, she appears as a default character in both editions, just like Double Dash!! She has the same biker suit from Mario Kart Wii along with Peach and Rosalina when riding a bike or an ATV. In Grand Prix mode, Wario and Peach compete her as one of her main rivals, and she and Mario compete Luigi or Wario as their main rivals.


  • According to the Mario Kart Wii Prima Guide, Daisy is Peach's cousin.
  • In Mario Kart Wii speedrunners generally use either Funky Kong or Daisy due to their speed stat bonuses.


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