When he's not making jungle music with his bongos, Donkey Kong (abbreviated as DK) likes nothing better than a day at the races in Mario Kart. His speed and drift ability are his best features but DK's weight is what lets him down. But have you ever tried asking an ape to diet? Donkey Kong replaced his father Donkey Kong Jr, from Super Mario Kart. He has many race courses, all labeled with "DK". Only Mario and Bowser have more courses than him. He has appeared in every Mario Kart game except Super Mario Kart.


Donkey Kong is similar to Donkey Kong Jr. in appearance. His hands, feet, chest, and face are all a light brown color. The rest of his body is covered in long, dark brown fur. At the top of his head, his hair curls up a little bit. His eyes are very penetrating. To keep up a classy, formal appearance, he wears a red tie with his initials (DK) in yellow around his neck. Now that tie is impressive. He loves bananas. A lot. His signature bike is Varmint according to a trailer.


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  • Early footage of Mario Kart 64 shows that Kamek was originally playable instead of Donkey Kong.