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Dragon Driftway (ドラゴンロード) is the third track of the DLC Egg Cup in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The stage has an ancient Chinese theme, taking place in and on a giant dragon resembling Gobblegut. Throughout the course, various statues and murals of Lakitu appear.

Coincidentally, the staff ghost kart setup is Lakitu driving the Varmint with Monster tires and the Cloud Glider.


The course starts out with the player going into a Gobblegut's mouth, and through a dojo-themed tunnel. Throughout the tunnels, images from the original Super Mario Bros. can be seen at the top of the walls. After a set of zigzagging turns, players exit the dragon, although continue to drive on its exterior.

After several winding turns, players will loop back and drive over the finish line. Here, several bumps work as ramps giving an opportunity to perform tricks. After an additional turn, the characters return to the finish line.


  • Just after the winding tunnel section is a second corner that one can cut altogether. Look for an environmental object that bridges the two sections of road.
  • Alternatively, one can use a Mushroom to blast over the patch of grass just beyond this shortcut.
  • As one approaches the second straight, fire off a Mushroom to cut through the grass.



  • This is the first Lakitu-themed course in Mario Kart.
  • The dragon in this race course never actually ends its tail, as it loops back to the start. This may be a reference to the cultural symbol of a snake eating its tail.
  • Three Chinese characters (朱盖木) can be found on the lanterns above the starting line or on the murals. It is Lakitu's name in Simplified Chinese.
  • Many countries around the world call this course Dragon Road.
  • If one pays attention, anti-gravity is used for almost the entire course.
  • The various poses of Lakitu on this course match that of a poster on the wall of the bedroom in GBA Ribbon Road.
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