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Dragon Palace is a battle course that appears in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe It is one of the five new battle courses introduced in the game. The map's theme is Chinese (similar to Dragon Driftway). There is a courtyard with Koopa Troopas practicing kung fu and chanting, which can be heard, as well as two statues of Gobblegut. There is also a two-story pagoda that racers enter by breaking screen doors. Inside the pagoda is a circular room with stairs that access the second floor.



The design is Chinese themed. It has two Gobblegut statues, as well as a huge pagoda.


The courtyard.

The pagoda.

The courtyard is octagonal in shape. The player has the option to access four paths. Two paths go to the second floor of the pagoda, and two go to the first floor. The pagoda itself is circular in shape. In the first floor, there are several item boxes. There are stairs that lead up to the second floor. In the second floor, there are several ramps that lead to the first floor.


  • The theme of the track is similar to Dragon Driftway.
    • The music is also a remixed version of Dragon Driftway.
  • Outside at the courtyard, the music has some chanting included.
    • The chanting is still heard even if the Koopa Troopas aren't practicing Kung Fu.


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