The Dragonfly (ドラゴンフライ Doragon Furai) is one of Wario's kart in Mario Kart DS, the others being the Brute and Standard WR.


Wario in his Dragonfly on the Select Kart screen.

This kart resembles a red tractor. The character's emblem is located on the hood.

Staff Ghost use

  • N64 Choco Mountain: used with Wario, with the allotted time of 2:15:571 by Ninten★イシビ.

How to unlock

  • Complete all Nitro Grand Prix cups in the 100cc engine class.
  • Alternatively, the player could instead complete all Nitro or Retro Grand Prix cups in the 150cc engine class. This opens the Dragonfly to Luigi, as well as R.O.B. later on, when each character can choose between seven different karts.

To let any other character use it, complete all cups in Mirror Mode.


Wario's Dragonfly is the second heaviest kart, along with Donkey Kong's Rambi Rider, only being lighter than Bowser's Tyrant, so it's ideal for knocking into other karts. Besides this, it has a high speed, but fairly low acceleration, handling and drift, which unfortunately doesn't allow it to snake as it has poor handling, off-road, and mini-turbos.

The Dragonfly's handling is shared with Princess Peach's Royale, and it shares its drift with Dry Bones's Banisher.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 83
Acceleration 46
Weight 48
Handling 44
Drift 45
Items 100

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