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The Drill Master (ドリルマスター) is one of Mario's special karts found in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. This drill-equipped vehicle offers racers some decent Acceleration, considering it's size.

Although rates as a レア "Rare" vehicle in the game, the Drill Master doesn't have to be unlocked.


Drill Master (Kart Selection)

Rosalina checks out her color options.

Designed more for mining than drilling, the Drill Master's most unique feature is the oversized drill projecting from the front. Outlined in red and spiraled in yellow, the silver drill bit features a star design on the end. The body of the kart is painted primarily blue, with streaks of yellow on the underside and top. A protective bar with two small reflectors attached sits in front of the cabin, and two large golden headlights peel off to the side on either side of the Drill Master. Towards the back, there are two red lights, exhaust tubing, and two chrome mufflers. The logo of the racer is also featured on the back. The large, rugged tires are armed with gold and yellow drill bits on the axels, cosmetically dangerous, but strategically not...

Color Variants[]


A red version of the Drill Master can also be selected in the "Kart Selection" screen. The outlines are still yellow, but the drill bit has now been adorned in a blackish finish. The protective bars are now also black.


The third issue of the Drill Master has substituted the main blue frame for a yellow one. Complimenting this is a red-timed primary drill and completely red wheel drills. The protection bars have now been replaced with premium chromium ones.


Compared to the other vehicles in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, the Drill Master is a lower tier, only beating out the Standard Kart in stat bonuses. Speed and Handling have no pluses, only Acceleration does. This will make it OK for beginners who are commonly hit by Items.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed +0
Acceleration +1
Handling +0


  • Barely any vehicles have more than 4 wheels. The Drill Master is the only one with 6.