The Egg 1 is Yoshi's first kart in Mario Kart DS. It is in the shape of an Yoshi Egg. This kart, the Standard YS, and the Cucumber are Yoshi's karts in this game. It returned in Mario Kart 7 as a kart part.


Mario Kart DS

Yoshi's Egg 1 is very popular in Time Trials. It is one of four ideal snaking karts, the others being the Dry Bomber, ROB-BLS, and Poltergust 4000. Unlike the Dry Bomber, Yoshi's Egg 1 does not compromise as much speed for its great acceleration and handling, and does not have as much drift, making it slightly easier to control its mini-turbos on a straight path. However, its offroad, while strong, is nowhere near as strong as the Dry Bomber's, and at times the additional acceleration and handling from the Dry Bomber may come in handy. The Egg 1 also loses speed-wise to the latter two karts. Additionally, this kart has the lowest raw weight in the game (when not factoring in the driver), tied with the Shooting Star, which can be detrimental in Grand Prix or VS mode. A player should keep these things in mind when choosing a kart to snake with.

Kart Stats
Stat Value
Mini-Turbo Length: 1.133 (2nd / 36)
Actual Weight: 0.20 (35th / 36)

Mario Kart 7

The Egg 1 makes its return in six years with this installment of Mario Kart. As expected, its part increases acceleration and mini-turbos; unexpectedly, it also increases drift, even though its drift was low in DS (which allowed for tight snaking.) It also has increased maneuverability in the sea and sky. However, it decreases weight and land speed.

Tangible Stats
Stat Name Stat Value
Land Speed (Speed) -0.25
Acceleration +0.5
Weight -0.25
Hidden Stats
Stat Name Stat Value
Sea Speed +1.5
Air Speed +0.5
Mini-Turbos +0.5



  • Strangely enough, this kart uses the name Egg 1, despite being the only kart in the entire game and series to use the name Egg. A pink polka-dotted version of this kart was found in Mario Kart DS's coding. It is possible that kart was called "Egg 2" and the name of Egg 1 was accidentally not changed to Egg when "Egg 2" was removed.
  • The name can possibly be a pun on F-1 (Formule 1)
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