The Finish Line or Checkered Line is a feature in the Mario Kart series that signifies the start of the race, the next lap, or the end of the race. Depending on the course and the game, the details of the line can change. However, the basic design remains the same throughout all the courses: a checkered pattern.

Racers stay behind the line at all times before the race starts. The race begins once the light on the Start Signal turns green and they cross the line. If players cross the same line again after the first lap, then they will start the next one. When it is crossed twice, then the final lap will begin. Crossed thrice, the race will come to an end.

The line appears on every course and comes in many colors. Lakitu will wave the checkered flag when players cross the line which signals the end of the race. Almost all the time, the line also functions as a starting line. However, since the release of Mario Kart 7, there are some courses in which the two lines are separate from each other.


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