A Fire Flower was a power-up for Mario first appearing in Super Mario Bros.. It transformed him into Fire Mario and gave him the ability to cast Fireballs at enemies such as Goombas and Koopa Troopas.

In the Super Mario Kart, the Fire Flower was the icon for the second set of tracks in the game, the Flower Cup. Since then, it has reappeared in this cup for every Mario Kart series game.

Recently, the Fire Flower has also entered the lineup of Items. Similar to its Super Mario series capability, racers who possess it can launch Fireballs.


Once a driver is equipped with the Fire Flower, he/she can shoot blazing fireballs at opponents in any direction: forwards, backwards, left, right, and every other possible angle. Each fireball causes other racers to spin out. This attack Item is perfect for stopping multiple drivers, as it holds more ammunition and firepower (cause it shoots fire, get it? :D) than Triple Green Shells or Triple Red Shells. However, it is only capable of throwing ten fireballs or until ten seconds.


Items that can be dragged (or rotate) behind a Kart, including a Banana (and Triple Bananas), a Green Shell (also Triple Green Shells), and a Red Shell (including Triple Red Shells), can deflect the effects of a Fire Flower. But unfortunately, because of the amount of fireballs it can shoot, one, two, or three Items usually aren't sufficient enough for protection. Invincibility granted by a Star can serve as a shield from the Fire Flower also.

Fire Flower (Item)

As seen in Mario Kart 7.