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Not to be confused with Flame Rider or Flame Runner.

The Flame Flyer is a large-sized kart resembling a sweet muscle car from the 60s era, with a souped-up engine poppin' out the hood and flame decals. It's featured as one of the three default karts open to heavyweights in Mario Kart Wii.


The basic frame of the Flame Flyer is pretty much a block with a few accented edges. The front end of the kart starts to close in slightly, ending in a silver lining that encloses the metal grilles and headlights. Towering over the top of the hood is a huge engine, which could probably obstruct the driver's view as much as a Blooper... the motor has 6 tubes running down underneath the plates, presumably connected to the exhausts, and a circular panel covers the grated front. Even atop this section is a set of three pistons, connected to a hatch leading into the inner machinery. The bottom half of the Flame Flyer drops off a bit. Right underneath the doors are three outward-facing, chrome turbo pipes on either side. The character's logo is displayed on the sides, and the dark gray tires are specially marked with the newer Mario Kart logo. Two thin fins parallel to each other face the back, slanting right where the seat ends. Vicious looking flame designs have been pasted on the hood and back fins, finishing up the look of complete intimidation.

Color Schemes

Rosalina in her custom light blue Flame Flyer.

  • Wario: – Purple with yellow and orange flames.
  • Waluigi: – Dark Purple with yellow flames.
  • Donkey Kong: – Brown with lime-green flames.
  • Bowser: – Dark Green with yellow flames.
  • King Boo: – Black with pink flames.
  • Rosalina: – Turquoise with blue flames.
  • Funky Kong: – Red with blue flames.
  • Dry Bowser: – Grey with red flames.
  • Male Mii: – Orange with blue flames.
  • Female Mii: – Pink with white flames


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 62
Weight 59
Acceleration 16
Handling 21
Drift 48
Offroad 18
Mini-Turbo 48



  • The Flame Runner, another fire-themed vehicle, it's appropriately the Bike counterpart for the Flame Flyer.
  • A heavyweight kart in Mario Kart 8 called the Badwagon looks very similar to the Flame Flyer, as they are both muscle cars.
  • Also, from Mario Kart DS, another tough-looking vehicle that shares characteristics with the Flame Flyer is Wario's Brute.
  • The Flame Flyer is the not-so-proud leader in the lowest Acceleration.
  • The smoke and fire exit the exhaust pipes on the side of the kart instead of the back like on other vehicles.
  • This kart's appearance resembles the Pontiac GTO Judge or a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda because it has the six turbo pipes an engine sticking out of its hood.
  • The official artwork of Bowser throwing a Spiny Shell in the Flame Flyer (pictured up top) shows him about to toss it with his left hand rather than the usual right for all racers.
  • Bowser's and a Female Mii's Flame Flyer are the only 2 paint jobs that made it into Mario Kart Tour.