Frappe Snowland is the second track of the Flower Cup on Mario Kart 64 and the second track of the Banana Cup in Mario Kart DS.

The Staff Ghost setup is Wario in the Brute.


Mario Kart 64

In this track, It is snowing, and there are snowmen to serve as obstacles. It looks to be in the middle of the winterlands or snowy fields since the track is placed on a very big snow terrain. There is a wide open area filled with rows of snowmen and a giant ice Mario statue. During the last part of the track, racers drive through a snowy mountain, which appears to be dug out to make way for the track. Also, near the start, there is a giant Yoshi statue to the side of the track.

FrappeSnowland DS

As seen in Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart DS

This track returns in Mario Kart DS as the second track in the Banana Cup. This track is the prequel to Sherbet Land and has the same music (below). Mission 5-2 takes place here. Donkey Kong has to drive backward and collect 15 coins without hitting a snowman.


  • In Time Trials, go reverse to back up to the bridge before the starting line. Jump off of the right corner of the bridge onto the snow without touching the road, and if you go out the start line, it will count the lap.  for MK64

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