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The Gold Mantis (ゴールドマンティス Gōrudo Mantisu) is a Kart used by Waluigi in Mario Kart DS, the others being the Standard WL and the Zipper.


Waluigi on his Gold Mantis on the Select Kart screen.

The kart resembles a gold-colored backhoe, or a construction vehicle, and has an arm that resembles a scoop. The kart's inclusion in the game may be a reference to the game Wrecking Crew, a game for the NES that involved Mario and Luigi.

Staff Ghost use

  • Waluigi Pinball: used with Waluigi, with the allotted time of 2:23:288 by Ninten★しんや.

How to unlock

  • Unlock Waluigi by completing all 100cc Retro Cups.
  • Alternatively, the player can complete the 150cc Nitro or Retro Cups to unlock the Gold Mantis. This opens the Gold Mantis to both Mario and Donkey Kong

The Gold Mantis is open to any character after the player completes all Mirror Mode cups.


Waluigi's Gold Mantis boasts a high speed and a decent acceleration, with above average stats everywhere else, except for a sub-average items stat.

The Gold Mantis shares its speed with Luigi's Poltergust 4000, and it shares its handling and drift levels with Mario's Shooting Star.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 75
Acceleration 65
Weight 29
Handling 60
Drift 59
Items 32