The Hunter Bee (ハンタービー) is an exclusive Medium-weight Bike found in only Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. Designed to resemble a vicious killer bee, this vehicle has excellent stats, boasting an advantage in both speed AND handling.

Only players who have access to a Mario Card can drive the Hunter Bee.


Hunter Bee (Ice Luigi)

Ice Luigi in a Type X Hunter Bee, ready to start the race.

One of the few Bikes in the entire game, the Hunter Bee takes inspiration from the flying insect it's named after. The body is yellow with brown stripes, and the two back wheels are completely covered by a teal plate. Two long exhaust pipes that mimic antennae shoot out the sides near the headlights, which translate to the bee's eyes (A windshield sits right above them). Two blue pieces of machinery (no idea what they are), extend from the front. The back has a large, striped, abdomen-like vehicle part, and four side red lights and one large red light in the middle keep the driver nice and safe...

Type S

The Type S is a pallet swap of the Hunter Bee...although the design/frame of the kart remains unchanged, the entire coloration of the Bike has gone from yellow and brown to orange and dark red. This appearance may make it look slightly more intimidating, but it's stats and everything still remain the same.

Type X

Another pallet change for the Hunter Bee, the Type X, makes the vehicle turn light and blackish blue. The abdomen has taken on this coloration, and a few o the mechanics that were chrome in the original now have turned to a shade that looks like its patina is 3,000 years old. Like the Type S, this is just a cosmetic change.


One thing about Mario Kart vehicles is that they usually offer either Speed or Handling, but almost never both in the same Kart/Bike. This makes the Hunter Bee a very great choice for beginners and skilled players.

Stat Name Stat Value
Acceleration ★ +0
Speed ★ +1
Handling ★ +1


  • This Bike is actually the second vehicle inspired by a bee, the first one being the Honeycoupe.
  • The Hunter Bee is one of the rare vehicles that has not 2, not 4, but 3 wheels. It's still classified as a Bike, though.