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Ice Ice Outpsost is the third track of the Triforce Cup in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The staff ghost kart setup is Tanooki Mario driving the Tanooki Kart with Monster tires and the Super Glider.


The track starts in a place near where six tents are set up. Toads can be found here, cheering the racers on. The track will then start to split up, with a choice of a green track going downward, or a yellow track going upward. The tracks rejoin inside of a cave. The path continues on before players go into anti-gravity mode where the path splits again.

After alternating heights, the paths intertwine again while they turn more sharp to the left with a steep incline which leads to a glide panel, taking you back to the starting point.


  • When entering the large ice tunnel, one can drive onto a small ramp which leads to an iceberg, cutting off a section of the course.
  • Halfway around the track, the player can drop down off the edge of the green track onto a narrow ice tunnel.
  • Before the final turn, one can drive onto two icebergs to cut off the corner freely.



  • The name "Toad Polar Expedition 2014-2015" appears on various things throughout the course. "2014-2015" is a reference to Mario Kart 8 and its DLCs' year of release.
  • Not only in the course there are signs with Morton Construction logo on them, this logo also appears in many containers and in the huge machine that keeps the anti-gravity section in position.
  • This track has the vast majority of the course with two individual tracks, similar in length and side by side, similar to the portion of track found in Sweet Sweet Canyon.
  • This is the first (and so far only) course in the Mario Kart series whose name begins with the letter "I".
  • In this course, the Toads that are cheering you on are not wearing vests. Instead, they wear jackets. However, if you are playing as Toad, he will still have his vest on.
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