Inkling (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe)

With ink-spitting Blooper.

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Girl and Boy Inklings.

Inklings are the protagonists of the game Splatoon and its sequel. These humanoids are part human, part squid, and can change between the two forms at will. Inklings live in a city appropriately named Inkopolis. They debuted as playable racers in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in a wide variety of forms and colors.



An Inkling Girl with razor-sharp teeth.

The Inklings are humanoid creatures, and they also held 16 splatfests, each with a unique theme as well as of course, team colors. They also have former friends, the Octarians, but due to rising sea levels, the "Great Turf War" started. The Inklings struggled but emerged victorious. The Octarians then started to steal zapfish from them, causing the city to lose some power. However, one Inkling (the player) went to Octo Valley and stopped the Octarians and their leader, DJ Octavio, and saved The Great Zapfish. They also do turf wars for fun. And they also have a sense of fashion and freshness.



Staff Ghost Tracks


  • You can choose either a female or male Inkling, much like an Animal Crossing Villager.
  • Inklings (when in squid form) show some resemblance to Bloopers, another ink-squirting character from the Mario series.
  • Inkling Girl made a gesture similar to an "Up Yours" gesture, this was removed in the first update for this game released on May 18, 2017.
  • Though the Inklings first appeared in their own game, Splatoon in May 2015, they were not created at the time of the original Mario Kart 8s release, being introduced in the Nintendo Switch port.
  • Ironically, despite instantly dissolving in water in their origin game, the water and underwater sections have no effect on them.
  • They are the first characters to be half human and half marine animal.


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