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Items are used as power-ups in Mario Kart games. Some are used to help the user, attack other racers, or both.

Items that have been granted are different from place to place up until Mario Kart 8, where items are now determined by how far you are from the leader.

Items in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Standard Items

Standard items are those that are featured in most or all games. (In brackets are special notes about game absences or exclusiveness.) [In square brackets are the places you can get them in MK64 - if anyone has a MK7 sheet, replace this with the MK7 values.]:


This chart represents what items have been in the 5 newest games.

Type Double Dash!! DS Wii 7 8 & 8D
Banana YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY
Blooper N YesY YesY YesY YesY
Bob-omb YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY
Boo N YesY N N NYesY**
Boomerang Flower N N N N YesY
Bullet Bill N YesY YesY YesY YesY
Coin N N N YesY* YesY
Crazy 8 N N N N YesY
Fake Item Box YesY YesY YesY N N
Feather N N N N NYesY**
Fire Flower N N N YesY YesY
Green Shell YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY
Lightning YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY
Lucky 7 N N N YesY N
Mega Mushroom N N YesY N N
Multi Banana YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY
Mushroom YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY
Piranha Plant N N N N YesY
POW Block N N YesY N N
Red Shell YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY
Spiny Shell YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY
Super Horn N N N N YesY
Super Leaf N N N YesY N
Starman YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY
Thunder Cloud N N YesY N N
Triple Green Shells YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY
Triple Mushrooms YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY
Triple Red Shells YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY

*The Coin was an item in MK7, but you could not get it from item boxes.

**The Feather and Boo were not items in MK8, but they were items in MK8DX.

Double Dash!! Special Items

Mario Arcade Items

Category Description
Lock-on shot Targets an opponent with a reticle and homes in on them.
Shoots forward Travels forward in a straight line.
Drops backward Drops on the ground behind the kart.
Shoots backward Travels backward in a straight line.
Shoots forward or backward Travels in a straight line either forwards or backwards.
Melee Attacks opponents at close range.
Status Affects the user's kart.
Other Unique items that do not fall into the other categories.
Item Type Category
Absorbing Mushroom Prize Status
Banana Starter Drops backward
Banana Shot Prize Lock-on shot
Basin Starter Lock-on shot
Big & Small Tire Starter Lock-on shot
Black Shell Prize Shoots forward
Boo Starter Lock-on shot
Dash Bazooka Prize Lock-on shot
Dash Mushroom Other Status
Dizziness Virus Prize Lock-on shot
Fire Cracker Prize Drops backward
Giant Mushroom Prize Status
Green Shell Starter Shoots forward
Heavy Mushroom Prize Status
High Beam Prize Other
Horn Prize Other
Invisible Mushroom Prize Status
Item Seal Prize Lock-on shot
Jump Seal Prize Lock-on shot
Laughter Bag Prize Lock-on shot
Magic Hand Prize Other
Mustache Pen Prize Lock-on shot
Needle Bomb Starter Lock-on shot
Off-Key Speaker Prize Lock-on shot
Pie Starter Shoots backward
Rain Cloud Prize Lock-on shot
Reflect Shield Prize Status
Shield Prize Status
Slimy Mushroom Prize Status
Smokescreen Prize Drops backward
Snow Cloud Prize Lock-on shot
Square Tire Starter Lock-on shot
Sticky Oil Starter Drops backward
Tack Starter Drops backward
Thunder Stick Starter Melee
Thundercloud Prize Lock-on shot
Time Bomb Starter/Prize Lock-on shot
Tornado Starter Shoots forward
Tox-Banana Shot Prize Lock-on shot
Trash Can Prize Lock-on shot
Triple Banana Prize Drops backward
Triple Basin Prize Shoots forward
Triple Black Shells Prize Shoots forward
Triple Boo Prize Shoots forward
Triple Green Shells Prize Shoots forward
Triple Needle Prize Shoots forward
Triple Pen Prize Shoots forward
Triple Pie Prize Drops backward
Triple Smokescreen Prize Drops backward
Triple Square Prize Shoots forward
Triple Tack Prize Drops backward
Triple Tornado Prize Shoots forward
Wheel Virus Prize Lock-on shot