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Items was a stat in Mario Kart DS. This is the only game with this stat. This stat would determine your chance of getting a good item (for example, Triple Bananas in first place or a Bullet Bill in last). Mainly, there were three different levels of item stats: Low, Medium, and High. Each character had one kart that had High Item stat, one with Medium Item stat, and one with Low Item stat. The standard Kart for the character always has a Medium Item stat, one of their special karts would have a low item stat, and the other special one would have a high item stat. Note that karts with a High Item stat have lower stats on everything else (Speed, Acceleration, Drift, Handling, and so on) except for Weight on heavyweight karts. This stat would also determine how many Mushrooms you would get in Time Trial mode. Low Item stat karts would get one, Medium Item stat karts would get two, and High Item stat karts would get three. So that would mean, if there was a shortcut on that course, the player would want to pick the high item stat kart in Time Trials.

Karts by Item stats

Low Item Stat Karts

Medium Item Stat Karts

High Item Stat Karts

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