Toadette on her Jet Bubble

The Jet Bubble or Bubble Bike in the Japanese and European releases, is a small and unlockable bike in Mario Kart Wii. An average bike, the bike is good for beginners. It can be unlocked by finishing the Leaf Cup on Mirror Mode in first place, or by playing 3,900 games. It is the heaviest of the light bikes. Its strong points are Speed, Acceleration, Handling, and Drift, although these aren't very high. Its off-road attribute is low, and the other stats are somewhere in the middle. Toad and Koopa Troopa are best known for using this bike in Time Trials as Nin*Misa and Nin*morimo (Toad's Factory and Koopa Cape). It is a very light bike, meaning that it could get easily pushed by heavyweights.


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 48
Weight 27
Acceleration 40
Handling 40
Drift 45
Offroad 35
Mini-Turbo 37