The Jetsetter (known as the Aero Glider in PAL regions) is a large kart in Mario Kart Wii. The Jetsetter resembles a Le Mans Prototype race car, and the body has a similar design to the Streamliner, especially when used by Waluigi, but has more of rectangular shape as opposed to the Streamliner's wedge-shaped body. The Jetsetter features a three-pointed nose with the middle point shorter and thicker. It has blue wheels, rear fin and a single dual exhaust port in the back. It is unlocked by receiving at least a 1-Star rank in all the 150cc Retro Cups or by playing 4,500 races.

The Sprinter (its rough equivalent in middle-sized vehicles) is also very similar to the Jetsetter in shape, though the Sprinter is more clearly modeled on Formula One race cars.

The Jetsetter's bike counterpart is the Spear.


The Jetsetter is the fastest vehicle in the game. If it is used with Funky Kong, it is the fastest character/vehicle combo. Although its weight is lowest out of all the large karts, it is still high enough to bump others around, but is the lightest large kart. But as a compromise for its great speed, it has the worst handling out of any vehicle, off-road and mini-turbo of all karts in the game. It is very difficult to use on tracks with sharp turns like SNES Mario Circuit 3.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 69
Weight 56
Acceleration 21
Handling 27
Drift 17
Off-Road 16
Mini-Turbo 16

Color Schemes

Wario- Purple body, Yellow stripes & windshield

Waluigi- Indigo body, Yellow stripes & windshield

King Boo- White body, Red stripes, Yellow windshield

Donkey Kong- Pink body, White stripes, Yellow windshield

Funky Kong- Ebony body, White stripes, Yellow windshield

Rosalina- Turquoise body, Yellow stripes & windshield

Bowser- Green body, Yellow stripes & windshield

Dry Bowser- Black body, White stripes, Yellow windshield

Male Mii- Yellow body & windshield, Blue stripes

Female Mii- White body, Purple stripes, Pink stripes



  • The Jetsetter's stats are very similar to its bike-counterpart the Spear, which also has great speed & weight, but all of its other traits are severely-low in fact.
  • The Jetsetter's weight will be surpassed by one point if Mario or Luigi ride the Wild Wing.
  • The color-scheme of the Jetsetter on the Unlocking Screen shows Donkey Kong's version, while on the Time Trials icon of the vehicle shows Wario's version.
  • A Female Mii is the only large character to have a Jetsetter with a pink windshield-color than the rest, which have yellow windshields.
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