Koopa Cape is a track in Mario Kart Wii and a retro track in Mario Kart 7. It is the second track of the Star Cup, and in Mario Kart 7 it is the first track in the Lightning Cup.

Track Layout

Mario Kart Wii

Bowser Jr. Koopa Cape SMG4

Bowser Jr. racing in Koopa Cape with the front camera on.

In Mario Kart Wii, Koopa Cape begins on a high cliff built into a mountain. A twisty road with Goombas and grass is followed by a sharp turn leading to a river which can speed the racers up. After this river is an underwater tunnel designed like a large pipe. It has spinning electric bars called Koopa Zappers that can electrocute players in the same way as a Thunderbolt. After this is a rocky section with a bridge over a waterfall. Using a mushroom, it is possible to zoom through the water and save some time. Directly following is the finish line.

Mario Kart 7

In Mario Kart 7, the ramp that leads to the river is now a gliding ramp. Also the tunnel's top half has been removed; flooding it with water, making it an underwater section. The Koopa Zappers are removed and now Cheep Cheeps swim toward the racers; acting as an equivalent obstacle.


Koopa Cape as it appears in Mario Kart 7


Koopa Troopa in the underwater section in Mario Kart Wii

Maxresdefault (2)

Funky Kong in the water stream in Mario Kart Wii

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Track's Mini-Map.

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