Luigi aids his brother Mario in his numerous quests to save the kidnapped Peach from Bowser (although he likes Princess Daisy. Guess he's just a nice, helpful guy.) in the Super Mario games.

Since his first appearance in Mario Bros., Luigi has co-starred (and even been the main character in games such as Luigi's Mansion) in the preceding titles, including the widely-known Mario Kart series. He is a playable character in every installment. Mach 8 is his signature kart according to a trailer. He also has his own series of games called Luigi's Mansion.


Luigi a noticeably taller than his brother, Mario, and he is also a little bit leaner. And also, a bit heavier. Yeah, he works out. They both have Italian accents. Luigi wears brown shoes and overalls like Mario, but Luigi's overalls are noticeably a darker shade of blue. Luigi has a green long-sleeved shirt and wears white gloves, the first 3 Mario & Luigi games also confirm that Luigi has red-striped socks that look like candy canes. He has a brown mustache and brown hair. And he has his own special green hat with his initial (L) on it.

Appearances in Mario Kart games

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  • Furious that the "Year of Luigi" was declared over, the green-clad plumber is hitting the tracks with some serious attitude. A meme has emerged where images and clips depict Luigi giving his now famous 'Death Stare' at other opponents as he drives past them, usually after hitting them with an item.[1]
    • The meme was referenced in Paper Mario: Color Splash once Mario, Huey, and Luigi reach Black Bowser's Castle, Huey references the meme by mentioning the death stare.

They see Luigi rollin', they hate it...


First time Nintendo ever referenced a meme, you don't get that very often...


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