The Mach 8 (マッハ八) is an unlockable kart in Mario Kart 8. It resembles both a jet with a turbine-like engine in the front and the formula one cars of the 1950s, having a color combination an intense blue color while sporting a yellow racing stripe and tailfin.

A CPU-controlled Luigi may sometimes use this vehicle body, often paired with the Slim tires.


Luigi (Mach 8)

Luigi in the Mach 8.



It offers good speed and weight, and bad acceleration and traction. Its stats are identical with the Sports Coupe, Circuit Special, Gold Standard, B Dasher, and P-Wing.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed +0.5
Acceleration -0.25
Weight +0.25
Handling 0
Traction -1


  • This is one of the few vehicles that doesn't change color no matter who is driving it.
  • The Mach 8's design is based on a plane.
    • Also, the number 8 was used due to the game being called "Mario Kart 8."
  • This is one of the two vehicles to have a 8 on the kart before or after being selected.
  • The Mach 8's name is similar to the Mach Bike from Mario Kart Wii despite this, the two vehicles are completely unrelated.


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