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Mario is the main protagonist and namesake of the Super Mario series, making his first video game appearance in Donkey Kong (1981), originally known as "Jumpman". Since then, he has repeatedly defeated Bowser, who constantly takes Princess Peach hostage. After all, Mario does have a crush on her. His brother is Luigi.

He appears as a plumber, with a red hat, shirt, and blue overalls.

In 1992, a spin-off of the Super Mario games was released, Super Mario Kart, with Mario being the namesake for the game. Since then, Mario has been the main character in the following titles, helping Mario Kart become the icon in the video game industry that is.


Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, but he is also a plumber. He is a guy who likes to jump and has an Italian accent. He commonly wears brown shoes, blue overalls with two golden buttons, a red long sleeved shirt and white gloves. He has a black mustache, but he has reddish-brown hair. His catchphrases are "It's a Me, Mario!, "Oh Mama Mia!", and a bunch of other sayings. He has a red cap with his initial (M) on it, which is also his logo.


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