Mario Card

A Japanese Mario Card for Mario Kart Arcade GP 2.

To save data in the first two Mario Kart arcade games, a Mario Card can be inserted into the cabinet.


Unlike Mario Kart: Super Circuit or Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart Arcade GP, and its sequel are huge freakin' machines, weighing hundreds of pounds (they are not portable...). On top of that, they cost thousands of dollars. Most Mario Kart fans will not be able to afford their own arcade game.

By owning a Mario Card though, there's no need to buy one. Saving all the cups and unlockables you've obtained can be done with this special card. After all, who wants to play Mario Kart and not get ★★★ ranking on every cup? (People who don't take gaming seriously, that's who.)


There's many different card designs, including Pac-Man vs. Mario (the title art for Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 and assorted poses), the roster of racers, and a few more. In addition to the design, this data is also featured on the Mario Card:

Mario Card (2)

An empty Mario Card, ready for a new Mario Kart Arcade GP player.

  • The player's Nickname
  • The amount of Mario Coins obtained
  • Ranking score
  • The player's Special Item (e.g. 70 SP Item Get!, 64)
  • VS wins to losses ratio
  • The card's password for Internet Rankings for Time Attack mode.
  • Completed Cups and Engine Classes.