Available only in the European Continent, Mario Kart 64 is a slot machine licensed by Nintendo and officially branded as a Mario Kart series spinoff. Not to be confused with THE Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart 64 took direct influence and design from the N64 game.

The slot machine was released in 1996, around the same time as the video game.


Unlike the video game Mario Karts where the goal is to get a digital trophy, actual cash (in British £, that is) can be won for winning Mario Kart 64. The player tries to race around the track while collecting Items/power-ups to help the racer reach the grand prize... the Super Jackpot! There are also a few other ways to win money, including the rotating reels, three central prize trails, or the six character-based special features.

If you think bad-luck can be a factor in the usual series, wait till you try this fruity game. There's almost no skill at all in playing. So good luck.


Mario Kart 64 (Slot Machine) (2)

The upper half of the slot machine.

Playable Racers

Only 3 characters could be selected from, but I guess that's better than just one.

Non-playable Racers

These characters were merely just seen on the artwork of the slot machine, but they still deserve a small shout-out.

Other Characters

You can't have a Mario Kart game, not even a spinoff, without the unofficial mascot/referee...


  • In addition to borrowing artwork from Mario Kart 64, the slot machine also uses the character voices, sounds, and music from the game as well.
  • This is actually the second Mario series slot machine.
  • The 3 Playable Characters (Mario, DK and Yoshi), were playable in Super Smash Bros from the start. Luigi was unlockable.