Different blocks are given for different amounts of time, depending on the offense. Some of these offenses are not level four offenses. However, if users repeat a level one, two, or three offense, the punishment will increase to that of the next level.

When the offense reaches level four, a block, admins should refer to this guide. Admins should also take note that they cannot choose how long a user is to be blocked (e.g. picking forever immediately) but must follow the block times presented below.

Block times

a day → a week → a month → six months → a year → forever
  • Creating articles with bad English spelling and grammar
  • Not categorizing articles, images, or templates
  • Duplicating files
  • Unintentional spam

a week → a month → six months → a year → forever
  • Creating extremely short articles without proper templates or proper expansion within a week
  • Creating an account with an inappropriate username
  • Excessive swearing
  • Bullying other users
  • Warning other users without permission
  • Repeatedly copying articles from other sources
  • Minor bad faith editing

a month → six months → a year → forever
  • Adding fanon
  • Adding unconfirmed information, such as speculation
  • Inserting obviously false information
  • Renaming articles that have false and absurd titles
  • Swearing directed at users
  • Flaming

three months → six months → a year → forever
  • Excessive swearing directed at users
  • Blanking sections of pages
  • Blanking entire pages

a year → forever
  • Sockpuppeting
  • Inserting mature content into the mainspace
  • Harassing other users
  • Threatening users

Other blocks
  • Being under the age of 13: however long until the user is 13.