Mario Kart Racing Wiki is organized into various categories to help users easily find pages that they could be looking for. However, not all categories are acceptable on pages. This page breaks down how to categorize.


In a hypothetical scenario, users are creating a track article. At the end of the page, they need to add the category Tracks since it is a track article. One can do that by typing "tracks" on the category module at the right side of the editor.

While users are doing this, they also need to know what games the track has appeared in. If it is a track in Mario Kart 7 that reappears in Mario Kart 8, they need to add "Mario Kart 7 tracks" and "Mario Kart 8 tracks" as categories. Users must take note that "tracks" should start with a lowercase t. Since it is a track article, they also need to add categories based on cups. Thus, users should add "Example Cup tracks" as categories.

What about other articles (e.g. a racer article)? Other articles follow the same principle. For a racer article, users should add the category Racers and "Example racers" or whatever games they appear in.

This principle can be used for almost everything on the wiki! Users should just make sure that they are using the right base category. The following names are used as base categories:

MK8 Wii Moo Moo Meadows map
MK8 Bowser
Mushroom - Mario Kart Wii