Requests are currently Closed.

This is the page for requesting adminship at Mario Kart Racing Wiki.


  • Only self-nominations are allowed. If a user thinks that another member would make a good sysop, then he can convince them to nominate themselves. One cannot, however, make a nomination on behalf of another user.
  • Users should nominate themselves using the box below and fill in the small survey. Then, they should allow users to vote in the discussion and after twenty-four hours, if a user has more support votes than oppose votes, they will be promoted. If a user is not promoted at the nomination, they cannot nominate themselves for a month following the discussion.
  • After self-nominating, one must include their name in the current section of the article using the following code:
  • Regardless of the result of the nomination, the user must include their name in the archive section of the article using the same code aforementioned.




Requests are currently closed. To nominate yourself, please wait until there are less than four active admins.