Mario Kart TV

The logo for Mario Kart TV.

Mario Kart Television, often abbreviated to MKTV, is a feature introduced in Mario Kart 8. This news station replaces Replay Mode from the past Mario Karts.


Similar to the later replay versions, Mario Kart TV captures the driver from several different angles and views, and the standard broadcast is a Highlight Reel, which captures the most appealing events in the race/battle.

Fortunately, the replay can now be edited greatly- there can be a total of three featured drivers (they appear in the video equally), the focus of the shots (Items, Action, Drifting, Hits, Big Hits), the length of time for the video, ranging from just 30 seconds to the whole race. And even more, moving the control stick left or right can fast forward the video or reverse, so if you miss something epic, you don't have to start the whole dang thing over again like previous replay modes. Also, holding down the B button makes the video go in slow motion, which is cool for suspense...strategy, stuff like that.

MKTV can be accessed from the main menu, which, when selected, goes to the giant broadcast news room. Here, random Miis are enjoying the highlights, and you can select which races to view. 12 of your past races can be viewed, along with your top favorite 6 (activated by pressing + on the results screen) and online videos. Mario Kart Television also shows an optional highlight review after every race, and it also comes right after the Cup is finished with another cast.

Online Videos

Players can post their videos to Miiverse, the social networking site for Nintendo, where everybody can see them and stuff. They can also directly be uploaded to [], so long as you have a Google account. Also, [] allows players to view other people's videos from around the world, but your must first log in with your Nintendo Network account.


  • Throughout the many Mario Kart 8 tracks, MKTV is widely advertised, with billboards, helicopters, and other items.
  • The MKTV Parafoil is a Mario Kart TV-based Glider.
  • Lakitu seems to be the head operator of MKTV, which seems to be the reason he is the logo.