Mii Outfit A (known as Mii Outfit 1 and Mii Racing Suit in the Prima Guide) is an Unlockable Character in Mario Kart Wii. It is the Mii character's first outfit. You can unlock it by winning the 100cc Special Cup, or you can unlock it by playing 1,650 races so you'll unlock it even more easily. When you unlock the outfit, the Mii that you used for your License is playable. They will be wearing a racing suit that matches their favorite color. It is similar to a jumpsuit. They have both a male and female, so you can make sure that the gender is correct. If you change their size in the Mii Channel, their size in the game will change also. For example, if it is very light and small, it will use the lightweight vehicles. Their logo is a blue Mii symbol. During Multi-Player, you can choose the Mii that everyone can be. This character is one of the ones that lots of people use the glitch on, since they want to be their own Mii. You can also unlock their second outfit by one of four methods, all very time-consuming.

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