Mission Mode is a mode in Mario Kart DS in which the player has to do various missions. There are 6 normal levels, and there are 8 missions and one boss battle in every level. A 7th level (you can't see it until it is unlocked) is unlocked when you have a 1-star ranking minimum on every mission (including boss battles). Every track is used, but only the non-unlockable characters each in their respective standard karts. You can obtain a 3-star ranking if you do great, a 2-star ranking if you do very good, 1-star when you do well, and rank A, B and C if you do bad, very bad or really bad.


Level Mission Objective Track/character
1 1 Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order! Figure-8 Circuit/Mario
1 2 Collect all 15 coins!

GBA Peach Circuit/Peach

1 3 Destroy all 10 item boxes! Yoshi Falls/Yoshi
1 4 Get the Star and use it to hit 5 Cheep Cheeps! Cheep Cheep Beach/Wario
1 5 Drive through all 6 numbered gates in order! Nintendo DS (battle)/Toad
1 6 Drive out of the mansion... backward! Luigi's Mansion/Luigi
1 7 Collect all 20 coins! N64 Moo Moo Farm/DK
1 8 Perform 4 power-slide turbo boosts in one lap! SNES Mario Circuit 1/Mario
1 Boss Use Mushrooms to crash into the Big Bully and knock him off the stage! Water Arena/Yoshi
2 1 Crash into all 10 wooden crates and destroy every one!

Delfino Square/Wario

2 2 Collect all 10 coins! Figure-8 Circuit/Yoshi
2 3 Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order! SNES Donut Plains 1/DK
2 4 Destroy all 5 item boxes! Luigi's Mansion/Luigi
2 5 Collect all 20 coins! Cheep Cheep Beach/Peach
2 6 Use Bob-ombs to destroy all 5 Pokeys! Desert Hills/Wario
2 7 Drive through all 10 numbered gates in order! GCN Luigi Circuit/Toad
2 8 Perform 6 power-slide turbo boosts in three''''' laps! GCN Baby Park/Peach
2 Boss Hit Eyerok's eyeball 3 times with shells! Sand Arena/Mario
3 1 Destroy all 5 item boxes! Waluigi Pinball/Wario
3 2 Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order... backward! Delfino Square/Bowser
3 3 Collect all 15 coins while avoiding Chain Chomp! GCN Luigi Circuit/Luigi
3 4 Reach the finish before Yoshi! Yoshi Falls/Peach
3 5 Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order! Pipe Plaza (battle)/Yoshi
3 6 Hit Monty Moles with shells 5 times! N64 Moo Moo Farm/Luigi
3 7 Perform 10 power-slide turbo boosts in one lap! Shroom Ridge/DK
3 8 Collect all 20 coins! Twilight House (battle)/Mario
3 Boss Reach the finish before Goomboss! GCN Baby Park/Toad
4 1 Reach the finish before Donkey Kong! DK Pass/Wario
4 2 Blast 20 crabs! Palm Shore (battle)/Yoshi
4 3 Reach the finish before the red car! Shroom Ridge/Mario
4 4 Drive through all 7 numbered gates in order! Desert Hills/Wario
4 5 Collect all 15 coins! If you get squished by a Thwomp, you fail! GBA Bowser Castle 2/Bowser
4 6 Break all 10 item boxes while avoiding the fake items! N64 Choco Mountain/DK
4 7 Drive through all 10 gates! Waluigi Pinball/Toad
4 8 Perform 9 power-slide turbo boosts in one lap! GBA Luigi Circuit/Luigi
4 Boss Collect 50 coins while avoiding King Boo! Lava Arena/Peach
5 1 Reach the finish before the Stray Chain Chomp! Peach Gardens/Peach
5 2 Drive backward and collect 15 coins! If you hit a snowman, you fail! N64 Frappe Snowland/DK
5 3 Destroy all 5 item boxes! SNES Koopa Beach 2/Toad
5 4 Drive through all 10 numbered gates in order! GBA Bowser Castle 2/Bowser
5 5 Complete 1 lap in the opposite direction within the time limit! GCN Mushroom Bridge/Mario
5 6 Collect all 18 coins! Tart Top (battle)/Yoshi
5 7 Drive through 8 numbered gates in order! DK Pass/Toad
5 8 Reach the finish before Mario! Mario Circuit/Luigi
5 Boss Hit the Big Bob-omb with 3 Bob-ombs! Sand Arena/Wario
6 1 Drive backward across the spinning bridge! If you fall, you're out! Bowser's Castle/Bowser
6 2 Get Stars and run over 15 Rocky Wrenches! Airship Fortress/Wario
6 3 Collect all 30 coins! SNES Choco Island 2/Yoshi
6 4 Destroy all 10 item boxes! Block Fort (battle)/Mario
6 5 Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order! GBA Sky Garden/Peach
6 6 Perform 14 power-slide turbo boosts in one lap! GCN Yoshi Circuit/Yoshi
6 7 Collect all 40 coins! Tick Tock Clock/Toad
6 8 Reach the finish before Peach! Peach Gardens/Bowser
6 Boss Use Mushroom Boosts to hit Chief Chilly and knock him off the stage 3 times! Water Arena/Luigi
7 1 Perform 6 power-slide turbo boosts in one lap! Rainbow Road/Peach
7 2 Reach the finish before Bowser! Bowser Castle/Mario
7 3 Complete 2 laps within the time limit! Tick Tock Clock/DK
7 4 Use shells to defeat all 30 Goombas within the time limit! Mario Circuit/Toad
7 5 Collect all 20 coins! Wario Stadium/Wario
7 6 Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order! Nintendo DS (battle)/Mario
7 7 Drive backward and collect all 12 coins! If you hit a burner, you fail! Airship Fortress/Bowser
7 8 Break all 10 item boxes while avoiding the fake ones! N64 Banshee Boardwalk/Luigi
7 Boss Reach the finish before Wiggler! GCN Mushroom Bridge/Mario


  1. Big Bully (Lethal Lava Land)
  2. Eyerok (Shifting Sand Land)
  3. Goomboss (Mario Level (DS-exclusive))
  4. King Boo (Luigi Level (DS-exclusive))
  5. Big Bob-omb (Bob-omb Battlefield)
  6. Chief Chilly (Snowman's Land) & (Wario Level (DS-exclusive))
  7. Wiggler (Tiny-Huge Island)

All of these bosses were from Super Mario 64 (DS), which was released the year before Mario Kart DS. The worlds they can be found in are after the names.


  • Mission Mode is present in Mario Kart Wii's data, however, it was not completed. This is most likely due to the inclusion of online tournaments.