The Monster tires are a set of wheels that are available from the start in Mario Kart 7 and in Mario Kart 8.


The Monster tires are basically large dark blue wheels. In Mario Kart 7, it offers good speed, weight, and off-road while in Mario Kart 8, it offers good weight and traction. In both of the games, they have a disadvantage in acceleration, handling.


Mario Kart 7

The Monster tires makes its first appearance in Mario Kart 7. In the game, the design of the tires is almost exactly the same as the tires on the Tiny Titan, from Mario Kart Wii.

They offer the highest weight boost, the lowest acceleration boost, and are tied with the Red Monster tires for the best off-road boost. They're also tied with the Red Monster tires, the Slick tires, and the Gold Tires, for the lowest handling boost.

Mario Kart 8

The Monster tires return in Mario Kart 8, with a different appearance from the previous installment. Like the Standard wheels, minor changes on the design of the wheels were made, and the series logo is printed on it.

The Hot Monster tires serve as the counterpart to the Monster tires in this game, sharing the exact same stats as them.

CPU-controlled heavyweights with a large body frame (except Link) will often use these tires while riding the Standard Kart or Standard Bike, but the middleweights, along with the metal characters, and a few lightweights, may also use them while riding the Standard ATV.



Mario Kart 7

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed +0.75
Acceleration -0.75
Weight +1
Handling -1.25
Off-Road +1.25

Mario Kart 8

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 0
Acceleration -0.5
Weight +0.5
Handling -0.75
Traction +0.75
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