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Moonview Highway is the second track of the Special Cup in Mario Kart Wii. It is infamous for being one of the hardest tracks in Mario Kart Wii due to its difficulty and traffic.


Moonview Highway's design is that of well, a highway, there are cars driving everywhere which the racer must avoid, if not they will lose their item by either being squashed or hit by a car or truck. There's also Bob-Omb Karts that will sometimes pop up where if hit will explode hitting anyone in its range.


The first portion of the course is set in the outskirts of a city, is highly reminiscent of a touge.

This segment leads through a toll booth into the highway section of the track, which contains multiple Dash Panels and several tricky turns. The traffic is constant throughout the track; cars, trucks, and Bob-Omb Cars are persistent obstacles, seeming to increase with each lap. The cars and trucks will run over and squish you in a head-on collision. So it is a smart move to drive with the traffic flow (it moves on the left, just like in Japan). It may take longer, but it is worth not getting flattened. Cars will only knock you over in a side or rear-end collision. Bob-omb Cars are dangerous due to explosions exactly like Bob-ombs every time you hit them. The music is very much like fast city jazz. There is a gigantic LED sign of Princess Peach and Mario on the side of a building in the city segment (slightly resembling Times Square in NYC), replaced with your Mii if you are driving a Mii. There are piano and a jazzy saxophone that plays fast harmonies. At a point in the inner city segment, you will always hear a police car or fire engine siren passing by. You will also always hear a train going over the bridge which you drive under and, like the police car, it cannot be seen. As you enter the city and there are two lanes, cars and trucks can also change between these lanes at will. Note: At the toll booths you can see your Miis in there. The world record for this race is 01:43.577 - it was won by someone in Japan, which is Mander.

The expert ghost is Peach in a Mach Bike with a time of 02:04.163.


Near the Giant Bridge, there is a Giant Ramp at the left (right if in Mirror Mode) where it can be boosted of to perform a Trick.


  • This Track is one of Mario Kart Wii's hardest Tracks according to Fans due to it's Chaos and all the Cars And Trucks driving everywhere on the Track.
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